Why I Decided to Cut Back on Synthetics...

I've never been one to beat around the bush about things. I just prefer to "shoot it to you straight". Why did I decide to cut back on using synthetics both IN or ON my body? Well...because they're CRAP! And cause problems. And, in many cases, it's completely and totally avoidable and unnecessary. The END...that would be the worst blog, right?! So, let me just tell you why I finally decided to make the move.

I'm Jenn, Owner and CEO of Monocacy Soap Co. LLC. A few years ago, after over ten years of teaching at a local city charter school, I decided to just jump in to the Bath and Body world with both feet. Mostly out of pure frustration, honestly. You see, both of my young daughters (and myself...although they are WAY worse), have crazy sensitive skin. I mean seriously! Bad reactions to most soaps, body washes, laundry detergents, cleaners, lotions, antibacterial gels, DOVE (sorry loyal DOVE users...but it's true), you name it. After a few years (and tears) I just gave up trying to find solutions. We cut almost everything. But, kids need to be clean. It's really a THING! So I started making soap. For us. And then family. And then friends. And then, soon enough, people were literally knocking on my door BEGGING for more. Simply put, this was my "Ah Ha" moment. I realized that my super sensitive kids, that I thought would need to be kept in a bubble, are not the only ones with skin issues. I started to research. And research. Ugh, the research (palm to forehead).

What did your grandma's grandma use on her body? Certainly not what you will find on the shelf at the grocery store today. So, what has been happening, more and more over the past century, company's have (for reasons I won't get into) had to find cheaper ways to make a profit. Among other things, they cut costs. One of the best ways to do that? Buy/cheaper ingredients. And so, this is where the synthetics come in. Why would they continue to pay $4.00/oz. of 100% pure Lavender oil, when they can purchase gallons of Lavender fragrance for pennies on the dollar? Well, if the customer doesn't know any better, it's just smart business. And then this becomes the new norm. Before you know it, all of your favorite products have switched over to nearly full-synthetic. But, our bodies weren't built for most of these ingredients. Although, not everyone has problems, most of us will experience a bad reaction to at least something they have used on their skin.

Here are a few buzz words for you...environmental factors, disease, early onset, CANCER. Like many of our customers, I have a family. I love them. I want to keep them. And I want them to keep me. THAT'S why I finally decided to cut back on synthetics; in my food, in my body, and especially on my skin as it is our largest organ. We are committed to keeping those natural ingredients that have been tried and true, tested and proven to be beneficial and effective. It's not always easy. But, it is our foundation and our promise. Promise to my Madison Quinn (age 13). Promise to my Camrynn Paige (age 11). Our promise to you and those you love too.