LEMON + MINT Hydrosol

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Lemon + Mint Hydrosol is truly an all-year "must-have". Use as a relaxing skin toner. A rejuvenating and calming body spritz. Or soothe and hydrate tired skin with Lemon + Mint Hydrosol. 

Truly a unique product, Monocacy's Lemon + Mint Hydrsols are distilled from our very own Lemon Verbena and Mint plants grown and harvested from our very own "on-site" garden. Once harvested and cleaned, we are able to distill the leaves of both plants in our copper, Alquitar Copper Still named "Willow". 

3.5 oz. Frosted Glass Mister Bottle

18-24 mo. shelf life (refrigeration extends shelf life)

*Not intended to treat, cure or replace the advice of your doctor.